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Ralph E. Griswold

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Madge Griswold
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SNOBOL4 (StriNg Oriented and symBOlic Language) is a language for text processing, pattern matching, and much more, first designed and implemented at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. (BTL) in the 1970's.

SNOBOL History

Available Implementations

Macro SNOBOL4 in C

Information about my free Macro SNOBOL4 in C, A port of Macro SNOBOL4 (The original Bell Telephone Labs implementation, written in SIL macros) for machines with 32-bit (or larger) pointers. Supports full SNOBOL4 language plus SPITBOL and other extensions.


Mark Emmer's SNOBOL4/SPITBOL Page Includes sources for the Snocone preprocessor, the Catspaw SPITBOL Product Spec Sheet/price list PDF file (includes reprints of Gimpel's classic "Orange Book"), SPITBOL Manual PDF file, Free 16-bit SNOBOL4+ for DOS.

Once upon a time SNOBOL4+ was Catspaw's flagship product, and the more limited Vanilla SNOBOL4 was the limited but free version of the product. SNOBOL4+ was not released with a manual, but Vanilla SNOBOL4 comes with excellent documentation.


Macro SPITBOL files are now available at

Old location:, including an executable for Windows, and sources and executables for SPARC SPITBOL (for SunOS 4).

Historic Implementations

The following are historic implementations which are available on the Web:

The following are historic implementations which I have found (or have found me), and plan to make available on the web, when I find the time!

The following are historic implementations which I would LOVE to find sources for:

SNOBOL4 mailing list

The SNOBOL mailing list: SNOBOL Yahoo! group.

SNOBOL related pages

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